10 Daily Activities to Keep Your Child’s Brain Sharp

10 Daily Activities to Keep Your Child’s Brain Sharp

sharpWith summertime around the corner, what are parents supposed to do to keep their children’s brains from turning to mush? Parents want their kids to have fun during the summer, but at the same time they want to find activities that stimulate thinking and keep their brains sharp. Luckily, there are plenty of free ideas for kids of all ages that can solve this problem. Read on to find out 10 daily activities to keep your child’s brain sharp.


The Sudoku craze came around several years ago and is a game involving numbers and a grid system. This game will really get your child’s brain thinking, and it comes in a variety of levels from easy to hard. It can be played online, in a booklet, or parents can print out Sudoku games from the Internet, making it easily portable and easy to store as well.

Word Games

Games involving words could mean a plethora of ideas. Depending on the age of the child, there are different levels of word games to play. If the child is just learning the alphabet, ask him or her to name words that begin with certain letters. If the child is of middle or high school age, there are plenty of word games to play online where the site will tell your child if their answer is right or wrong and also keep score. Parents can also just make up a word game for their children to play, like if they are in the car or even at dinner.

Puzzle Games

This is another category of games that has a variety of meanings depending on the puzzle. Kids love to do simple word searches and cross-word puzzles. These come in booklets to take with them anywhere, or parents can find these puzzles online. Plus, if parents or children do a search for puzzle games online, they can find games that reinforce math and English skills, as well as enhance their problem-solving skills.

Video Games

Parents can find video games for no cost online that double as learning games. This is a win-win for parents and children. Some video games can be played on any computer, or parents can look for video game apps that can be downloaded onto a smartphone. Video games will keep your child learning while also having fun.


Nothing is better at helping a child learn new vocabulary and reinforce already learned vocabulary than reading. Download books and magazines onto a Kindle or a Kindle app on the cell phone, or go to the library and check out some books. Find something fictional or non-fictional that interests your child and run with it.

Arts and Crafts

Involve children in doing arts and crafts and they will be utilizing their creativity. Find ideas online or in books. Or, parents can come up with their own ideas based on the materials they have around the house.


Children of all ages need to be exposed to various types of music and expression through music. Whether the child is singing, dancing, or playing an instrument, they will be using their brains and having a load of fun at the same time.


All children need a hobby. They can start a collection, such as collecting stamps, pennies, rocks, or one of thousands of collection ideas. Other hobbies include building models, painting, jewelry making, wood working, and many more. Children can become an expert at something, which is a learning experience and boosts self-confidence.


Get children off the couch and outside playing some sort of team sport. Exercise keeps one’s brain sharp, and so does the thinking involved in playing sports. This is also a great way to make friends and learn the value of teamwork.


Writing is a lost art form with all the forms of messaging that go on today. However, writing of any kind, writing a story, keeping a journal, a book review, etc., involve