How to Choose a College Major

How to Choose a College Major

What’s your major? Once the college class of 2014 gets to campus next month, it’ll be the question everyone asks. But how do you answer? There’s a lot to consider when you pick your major, from course offerings to job opportunities. Here are my 4 tips for picking the major that’s right for you:

1. Think about career opportunities

What kind of job might you be able to get with your degree? Find out what alumni of your school are doing with theirs. Some majors are applicable to a variety of jobs, while others are geared toward a very specific career path. Do you need flexibility, or would you rather go down a set path? You might also take a look at our list of college majors with the best job prospects, and figure out how important salary is to you.

2. Look at the course requirements

Once you’ve picked a major, you’ll be required to take a number of classes. Do they sound like topics that would interest you? You’ll have to spend four years studying this stuff. Also research how many elective classes you’ll be able to take. Some are more flexible, whereas others will require labs, rehearsals, etc. and won’t let you do much dabbling in other subjects.

3. Talk to other students

Your elder classmates are great resources when it comes to making college decisions. How did they like the classes and professors? Were they able to get internships during the summer? What would they have done differently?  You might also get some inside knowledge on whether new programs are too new or if majors are being changed or phased out.

4. Don’t freak out

You’re not really deciding the rest of your life. If you pick the wrong major, you can always change later. You might also do a double-major, choose a minor or go to grad school to round out your education! Some schools also offer you the option to be an “exploratory” or “undecided” major and choose later – just make sure you’ll have time to complete your required courses.