College Work-Study Jobs Dwindling

College Work-Study Jobs Dwindling

Many college students count on work-study jobs to help them pay for increasingly expensive degrees – but according to The Huffington Post, thousands of work-study positions are being cut at schools across the country.

Last year, 930,000 federally funded work-study jobs were available, but 160,000 have been removed due to the absence of stimulus funding this year.

For example, the College of William and Mary’s work-study allotment decreased from $500,000 to $330,000 this year, though the school says that work-study is only a small portion of its financial aid program. The financial aid office at Missouri State University, which received $173,000 less this year, had to cut work-study financial aid packages altogether last month due to lack of funds.

What can you do? U.S. News and World Report offered six tips to help you be one of the lucky ones who snags a work-study job:

1. Apply early – fill out the FAFSA as soon as possible, and visit your college’s financial aid office early in the spring to apply for a fall job.

2. Be persistent – ask about waiting lists, or find out of new vacancies emerge.

3. Be professional – hiring managers can afford to be picky, so treat the jobs with respect and put your best foot forward.

4. Spread your search – some schools have created other kinds of campus jobs that aren’t technically “work-study.”

5. Start a small business – is there some kind of service you can provide students or the community? For example, you might walk dogs or sell water outside of sporting events.

6. Don’t overdo it – working too many hours can wreak havoc on your grades!

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