Internships that Pay the Most

Internships that Pay the Most

I had four different internships in college, and NONE of them paid me anything! Clearly I am in the wrong field, because BusinessWeek has just unveiled its 2010 list of the highest-paying internships, and some of them pay a pretty hefty salary. Of course, they’re often competitive and require experience or specific course studies…but both students and grads would be smart to consider these companies!

1. BP – they may not take great care of their oil rigs, but their electric engineering interns can make up to $5,500 a month. Others make $23 to $26 an hour. Maybe you could rake in the cash while helping to make oil drilling safer!

2. UBS – Interested in finance? UBS interns can make an average of $30 per hour.

3. JPMorgan Chase – JPMorgan Chase didn’t reveal the hourly wage for their intern program, but the aggregate earnings for a internship there can total to $12,385.

4. Goldman Sachs – Interns here take home $29 an hour.

5. Proctor & Gamble – here’s a company that isn’t hated by the public…and they pay their interns $26 an hour!

6. Deloitte & Touche – Make $24.50 an hour at this accounting firm, which BusinessWeek ranked as the No. 1 place to intern in 2009.

7. KPMG – these accounting interns average $24.80 an hour. This company also made the list of Companies Hiring the Most 2010 Graduates.

8. PricewaterhouseCoopers – again, accounting is where it’s at. These interns pull in $23.75 an hour.

9. Merck – interested in pharmaceuticals? Merck interns make $22.20 an hour.

10. Ernst & Young – this Academy Award accounting firm pays its interns $22 an hour.

11.  Accenture – You can make $21 an hour interning at this global consulting management firm.

12. IBM – it’s not as flashy as Apple, but IBM interns make $18 an hour.

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Photo: BP