10 Things You Don’t Know About Job Interviews

10 Things You Don’t Know About Job Interviews

After going on a million job interviews, you probably feel like you know the routine, you’ve got good answers to all the tough questions, and you’re putting the best version of yourself about there. But according to US News & World Report, job seekers are often misguided. Here are 10 things that hiring managers wish you knew:

1. Be honest – actually honest. It’s okay to have real weaknesses.

2. Pay attention to the small stuff. Being rude to assistants – or taking the time to write a handwritten thank-you note will be noticed!

3. Hiring managers want you to ask questions. It shows your interest and helps them get to know you.

4. Send a thank you note right away. There’s no advantage to waiting!

5. Be enthusiastic! You won’t scare anybody, or look desperate.

6. ┬áReveal your real weaknesses. If you’re afraid of coming across badly, just focus on the fact that you’re aware of your weaknesses and that you’re working on them.

7. You should address being overqualified in you cover letter. They need to understand why you’re still interested.

8. Your resume “objective” usually hurts you. You might not fully understand the position and make it sound like you don’t really want the job.

9. A phone interview is not a casual chat. Take it seriously!

10. You shouldn’t count on getting a job offer. Things can always change, and don’t assume anything!

Photo: Saidaonline