Choosing A Summer Camp With Your Child

Choosing A Summer Camp With Your Child

School is out and your kids are home all day, perhaps with you.  While every parent treasures the time they get to spend with their children, sometimes parents and kids need a break.  This makes summer camp look very appealing.

Rather than randomly  choosing a summer camp or day program for your child to attend, make picking a camp  a bonding moment for you and your child.  Follow these guidelines when picking a summer camp with your child.

1.  Decide day or night.

Is your child ready for a week-long trip to a summer camp?  If they are still calling you at midnight from a friend’s sleepover the answer is a resounding no.  That doesn’t mean that camp is completely out of the question though.  Every community offers some type of day camp with recreational activities, field trips, the works.  This can be a great way to keep your child engaged during the long summer days.  Talk to your child about spending a week away at  camp or attending day camp.  See what they would like before doing much research about either type of camp.

2.  Outdoor or indoor?

Is it pulling teeth just to get your son to come inside at night?  Or is it pulling teeth to rip him away from the television or video game console?  Arm yourself with this knowledge and decide whether an outdoor adventure camp is what you need or perhaps a laid back, camp offering technology classes or video game design workshops.

There is a summer camp for every interest a child has.  Long gone are the days of camp meaning spending the night in a cabin, archery, and roasting marshmallows at night.  You can visit a site like to learn more about the different day camps in your area or call your local Parks and Recreation department.  Whatever type of camp you choose, your child should enjoy the time spent there and you should enjoy the break!

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