Companies Don’t Want to Fill Openings with Unemployed

Companies Don’t Want to Fill Openings with Unemployed

Unemployed? Don’t bother applying. According to CNN, employment experts say recruiters and companies are increasingly interested only in applicants who already have a job.

“I think it is more prevalent than it used to be,” said Rich Thompson, vice president of learning and performance for Adecco Group North America, the world’s largest staffing firm. “I don’t have hard numbers, but three out of the last four conversations I’ve had about openings, this requirement was brought up.”

Why?┬áLisa Chenofsky Singer, a human resources consultant from Millburn, NJ says that employers often “think you must have been laid off for performance issues,” adding that this is a “myth” in a time of high unemployment.

Some job postings even include restrictions such as “unemployed candidates will not be considered” or “must be currently employed.” Those explicit limitations have occasionally been removed from listings when an employer or recruiter is questioned by the media, though. But even if companies don’t list such restrictions in their postings, they might still not consider unemployed applicants.

How unfair! Many qualified, smart people are unemployed right now, and they’re likely to be motivated to work hard to keep their jobs. Technically, I don’t think this is employment discrimination (companies can’t discriminate based on age, gender, etc.). For more hiring guidelines, check out the FAQ section of the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission website.

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