An Edible Career Path

An Edible Career Path

More and more people are considering a career change to the culinary arts. While the economy still slumps, schools with culinary programs are seeing a steady upward trend in enrollment. Many factors attribute to this, namely our all-abiding love of Food Network shows, the burgeoning food blog world tantalizing appetites with photos of irresistible dishes.

The smiling chefs that peer out at us day to day with their delicious treats and quaint local edible traditions have exalted food to rockstar status in a country that used to suffer the reputation of casseroles and ready-made frozen entrees. Even our ready-made offerings have evolved to microwavable meals bordering on gourmet.

One could also argue that with an economy that has left so many people feeling like faceless, nameless employees, we are looking to find comfort and inspiration in things that are more tangible. What can be more satisfying than a hand-crafted meal or an afternoon spent perusing the farmer’s market?

We are looking for a way to connect to one another in a way that is meaningful and sustainable and food offers just that sense of satisfaction.For a nation of budding foodies, there appears to be a continual upswing in food related jobs.

While people may not be spending as much at the mall, we are certainly still going out to eat. This means that while perhaps not the most lucratively paid, there are plenty of jobs out there for those that want to feed people for a living. There is trade off of passion and inspiration that is seldom matched in other jobs that is at the heart of work in the food service industry.

People are also finding that there are many ways to fulfill a love of food and service than just working as a cook at a restaurants. There are options in catering, personal chef work, food production in television, just to name a few.

Food and beverage programs around the country are escalating in quality also offering positions in wine and spirits. As well as the increase in farmers markets creating a whole new sector of job.

It’s an exciting time to be considering work in the culinary field. Americans are becoming more and more savvy about food and great taste. It makes for a fulfilling prospect to enter into a field that is projected to continue growing by at least 6% over the next decade, according to the recent study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

If you’ve been considering a career change to the culinary arts, now just may be the time to go for it.