5 Interview Fails

5 Interview Fails

You’ve finally got your foot in the door.  You are ready to embark upon your job interview.  You’re feeling good, maybe have on a new pair of shoes…this job is yours.  Unless you make one of these mistakes.  Read on to make sure you don’t commit one of these interview blunders.

1.  You picked the wrong outfit.

Research the culture of where you are interviewing. Is it always casual Friday?  Is everyone in business suits?  Is it a young, trendy place to be?  Find out whether this place wants everyone to be in business suits or likes it when people show a little pizazz in their dress.  You may have to stake out the company prior to your interview.  When in doubt, go conservative and professional with a small, unique accessory.  This will show your potential employer that you are serious about the job but still have a bit of personality.

2.  You can’t stop giggling.

When some people are nervous, they tend to laugh.  This is a bad sign to an employer who will easily be able to detect not only your nerves, but your inability to handle stressful situations.  If you know you tend to giggle and say “um” alot when you are put on the spot, practice the art of a long pause or say, “give me a moment to think about this one…”  This will let them know you need time to think, but you don’t feel awkward being put on the spot.

3.  Your cell phone rings.

I only say this because it has happened.  I was interviewing a potential teacher when, not only did her cell phone ring, but she took the call.  If you can’t show them that the job is important by tuning out outside distractions for the interview, the employer will have qualms about hiring you.

4.  You can’t sit still.

While this one won’t break the bank in an interview, try to practice not fidgeting with your rings, bracelets, hair, etc.  These are all signs of nervous behavior.  Do your best to take a deep breath, sit up straight, and show that you are calm, cool, and collected.

5.  You aren’t leaving them with something tangible to remember you by.

You may be one of twenty interviews on the day you go interview for your dream job.  Pick up a professional-looking folder and resume paper.  Put a copy of your resume, letters of reference and your business card in the folder and leave it after your interview.  Let the person you are interviewing with that you put the information together for them to give them more insight regarding your work ethic and experiences.  This will help your interview stand out from the crowd.

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