Staying Healthy When You’re Working Hard

Staying Healthy When You’re Working Hard

When we’re keeping our noses to the grindstone, it can be difficult to plan healthy meals and exercise when all we can think of is our upcoming deadlines at work.

With an estimated thirty-percent of Americans getting little regular exercise while working at sedentary jobs, it is imperative that you consider what you are doing to stay healthy while you are busy at your desk.  These shortcuts can help you make healthy choices when you are starved for time.

1.  Weekend plans?  Plan your meals. Take time on Saturday or Sunday to write out your menu for the week.  After you get home from grocery shopping, wash your fruits and veggies, chop them up, and put them in individual snack bags you can take to work.  Keep an arsenal of fuits, veggies, and healthy protein sources like chicken breast or almonds available to you at all times.  This will help you resist the urge to hit the snack machine.  Here are suggestions regarding what to keep on hand to avoid temptation.

2.  Eat lunch in and work it off. If you’ve pre-planned lunch, eat it using only half of your lunch break time.  Take the rest of the time and go for a walk, or if time permits, go for a jog.  Even squeezing in a mile jog or walk will burn calories and get your blood flowing.

3.  Hydrate. When you are feeling the urge to grab a Snicker’s bar from the vending machine, drink a glass of water before you do.  While drinking water won’t satisfy the craving, it will buy you time before you give in to the urge.  Also, the caffeine we consume at work is dehydrating, so keeping water next to you and sipping it throughout the day can curb cravings and ensure you are getting the hydration you need.