Guidelines For Mixing Business With Pleasure

Guidelines For Mixing Business With Pleasure

They don’t mix, right?!

Well, in the best of all worlds, we keep work work and playtime playtime.  But once we work somewhere long enough to get comfortable, it becomes inevitable that we agree to happy hour or maybe a weekend night out.  While our gut instinct may be to not attend work happy hours or weekend rendesvous, it can be beneficial to mix the two on occasion.

When such opportunities arise, follow these guidelines to make sure you don’t have any regrets when it’s time to return to the office.

1.  Stay sober. Getting drunk at happy hour with half the office will ensure that you will be the talk of the office for weeks or even years to come.  “Remember that one time when…” will only end with you as the punch line.  Also, drinking too much can result in making it easier for you to violate the next two rules.

2.  No flirting. Someone in your office is hot.  While you can be friendly, don’t go overboard.  If you violate rule number one and end up sitting on your cubicle-mate’s lap, you’ve gone too far.  This will only start gossip that will be difficult to stop.

3.  If you don’t have anything nice to say…You know the drill.  Loose lips sink ships.  While everyone at happy hour may be tempted to trash the boss, someone else there is likely his spy.  Find ways to change the subject, talk about the upcoming FIFA cup, or anything to get the chat off people who aren’t present.