Does CareerBuilder Work?

Does CareerBuilder Work?

The internet can be an invaluable source of information about jobs and careers, but many jobseekers wonder: where can I get a job online? Does CareerBuilder work? Is spending hours scouring a waste of my time?

The Atlantic‘s Daily Dish blog just ran a piece with advice from a Career Counselor. You may not be happy to hear the news: using these sites and playing by the “rules” of not contacting the companies directly will rarely result in a job interview, much less a job. Here are some rules to follow when you’re job hunting:

1. Don’t waste too much time with online job boards unless you have a very specific technical skill.

2. Do contact employers directly and consistently.

3. Contact employers before they have job openings. The idea that “if a job is posted, it’s been filled” is usually true.

4. Go through people, not websites; 80% of jobs are filled via personal connections and relationships. Ask friends, family members, etc. for advice and information about where they work.

5. Don’t always ask for a job – just ask for advice and information. People love to talk about themselves.

6. Figure out what your expertise is, and capitalize on it. Try freelance consulting – it can lead to new connections and even jobs.  It also forces you to “market” and “brand” yourself.

I would also add that Craigslist can sometimes be more effective than Monster or CareerBuilder. It’s way less expensive for companies to use, and is often seen as a more “local” way to reach out to people. Just make sure you check it every day, so you’re not at the bottom of the pile of resumes.

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