Surprising Places To Get Career Advice

Surprising Places To Get Career Advice

While the internet can provide us with a plethora of advice about careers, colleges, and life in general, you may be overlooking some great places to look for input when it comes to your career.

While there are plenty of books and authors with great advice, here are some places to find new insight in regard to your career.

1.  Follow Tom Cruise – Ask Suri (or your child) In a recent interview, Tom Cruise told The Times of India that he gets his career advice from Suri, his four-year old daughter.  While Suri’s wise advice may not be available to you, ask a child in your life.  Cruise said his strategy is to talk about a film he is interested in and listen to her questions.  Things can be very cut and dry for children.  They may open your eyes to something you haven’t thought of.

2.  You! You are likely your most over-looked asset when it comes to advice.  Spend time genuinely reflecting on what you want.  Write down the specific qualities of your dream job.  Re-read that list and ask yourself what jobs are available that fit the description.  What steps will you need to take to get there?  You know yourself better than anyone else.  Engage in some introspection and set on a course for change.

3.  Your coach. Not your football coach or an expensive life coach, but the one person you turn to for advice when it comes to love, life, family, etc.  We all have a coach we turn to to encourage us and give us advice.  For me, it’s my dad.  He told life is too short to do a job I don’t love.  He reminds me that my happiness is what matters.  His advice is free.  While I’m sure he’d be happy to give out advice to you too, find your own coach who knows you well.  Seek their advice when it comes to this facet of your life.

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