5 Tips for Changing Your Career

5 Tips for Changing Your Career

Embarking on a new career path can be daunting – but for many unhappy workers, it’s the right decision. According to CNN Money, the Conference Board reported earlier this year that job satisfaction was at its lowest level in more than two decades. Employees are unhappy for a number of reasons, from job insecurity to low wages.

Nearly 50% of job seekers recently surveyed by employment site Monster.com said they wanted to make a career change; 89% said they’d consider changing their career to find a job. If that’s your plan, here are Money Magazine’s 5 tips for making a successful career change:

1. Show how your talents translate

A new career doesn’t mean starting with a blank slate. The skills you learned in your last job will likely transfer to a new industry as well. Make sure that interviewers know what you are capable of!

2. Network outside the box

Your friends and family members might be more useful as career connections than you think. Talk to them about what they do, and what their contacts do. Many people get jobs through PEOPLE, not the internet or other sources. A solid recommendation from someone can go a long way.

3. Get the skills you need for cheap

Is there an adult education class you can take in your community? Are there books you can borrow from the library? Maybe your kids can teach you a little more about computers. You don’t have to shell out thousands for another degree to learn something new.

4. Get your finances in order

Don’t make the jump into a new job or career until you know you’ll be safe financially. Don’t forget about possible unexpected costs, like medical visits or car maintenance.

5. Turn your passion into an asset

“Find something you love to do, and get people to pay you for it.” It’s great advice. Do you have a hobby or passion that you might be able to turn into a small business? Are you an expert on something? Would people be willing to pay you to share your expertise? Is there a market for something that’s missing? Creativity is key.You could start a small business on the side that ultimately grows into your full-time job!