How To Handle Mistakes On The Job

How To Handle Mistakes On The Job

Making mistakes is an inevitable part of being human.  But when we make mistakes at work, it can send us in to a tailspin trying to figure out what’s next.  The next time you make a mistake at work, follow these simple steps to make things right again.

1.  Don’t overreact.

According to Paul Schoemaker, the research director for the Mack Center for Technological Innovation at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton school, people do tend to overreact to their mistakes.   Take a time out to assess what has happened and how it will impact work flow.  Accept that you have made a mistake and reflect on what you can learn from it.

2.  Fess up.

Amy Gallo, a writer for Harvard Business Review, advises mistake-makers to own up to their mistakes.  While the blame may not entirely lie with you, she advises, “Even if it was a group mistake, acknowledge your role in it.”  Also, it is best if your boss finds out your error from you rather than someone else.  Recognize your errors and report them!

3.  Fix it.

After you have taken a moment to reflect and know it’s time to fess up, come up with a plan to fix your mistake.  After you report your error, let your boss know what you’re going to do to fix the problem.