Give Your Career A Workout

Give Your Career A Workout

We all know that breaking a sweat is good for our body and a great stress reliever, but studies show it’s good for your career too.

Researchers at the University of Bristol in England had people rate their job performance and mood on workdays when they exercised and on workdays when they didn’t.  On the days they worked out:

  • 72 percent of participants reported managing their time better.
  • 79 percent said their mental and interpersonal performance improved.
  • 74 percent reported managing their workload better.

If this isn’t a good reason to take a walk or hit the gym during your lunch break, I’m not sure what is.

People reported other benefits in addition to better time management.

  • 26 percent said they felt better equipped to deal with stress.
  • 33 percent said they felt more motivated to work.
  • 26 percent stated they had a better time concentrating on work.
  • 28 percent were able to work without unscheduled breaks.
  • 27 percent felt better able to finish their work on time.

Research participants were able to choose any type of moderate to vigorous exercise they wanted during the study.  So the next time you run for a cup of coffee or a snack to keep you going through your workday, remember that moderate to vigorous exercise can give you great results – not just for your body but your career too!