Rich, Famous, or Happy?

Rich, Famous, or Happy?

According to a report by the Pew Research Center, members of Generation Next (18-25 year old) say that “getting rich” is the main goal of most people in their age group.  Members of Generation X tend to value being happy.  And both generations would likely agree a dose of fame wouldn’t hurt.

These statistics beg the question: What is important to you?  Wealth or happiness?

As I left a job making over $90,000 to pursue my dream (I fell in love with a man who lived on the opposite end of the country, left my job, moved to be with him – and before you laugh, we’re married now), I had to ask myself what’s really important to me?  I had job security, a great retirement nest-egg, and awesome benefits.  This package was nothing to scoff about at my tender age of 30.

I made a choice.  My happiness.  Not my security, stability, or wealth, but my happiness.  I’m a firm believer that my happiness is my highest moral purpose in life (if I’m not happy, how can I make others happy?) and I made a choice based on that belief. Don’t get me wrong, money and fame would be a nice bonus, but they’re not my main goal.

As you are deciding what’s next, what avenues to travel, which jobs to leave or take, ask yourself, “Rich? Famous? Or Happy?”  Make life and career choices that best fit your definition of what is important to you.  And maybe you’ll be one of the P. Diddy’s  who pursues what makes them happy only to find it makes them rich and famous too!