10 New Things to Do on Your Lunchbreak

10 New Things to Do on Your Lunchbreak

Are you guilty of working through your lunch, or at least sitting at your desk and wasting away the time? Take back your lunch break! Even if you only get half an hour, you could use the time in a different way and feel much more productive and accomplished.

1. Go outside

This is harder if you live in a cold climate, but on sunny days you’ll get a dose of a vitamin D that helps fight hepatitis C, premature births, depression and certain cancers. Giving your eyes a chance to focus on something farther away than your computer screen also reduces eye strain.

2. Exercise

Go up the stairs a few times. Walk around the block. Keep some light weights under your desk and do a few bicep curls. Even just a little movement can increase your heart rate and blood flow, burn a few calories and keep you feeling energized so you’re ready to tackle the afternoon.

3. Pay your bills

Use your lunchbreak to pay your bills online and you’ll never have to deal with them at night or on the weekends! In just a few minutes, you can feel like you’ve accomplished a lot.

4. Read

Reading is a great way to escape from work and let your mind focus on something else. Even if you just read five or ten pages a day, you’ll find yourself looking forward to finding out what happens next. Especially if you never have time to read at home,

5. Watch TV

2. ExerciseI find myself feeling like my DVR is a to-do list that keeps getting longer! But now that many shows are available on the network websites like NBC.com and ABC.com – and sites like Hulu – you can “accomplish” TV viewing with your work computer.

6. Learn something

Have you always wanted to learn how to speak another language? You could try using Rosetta Stone at work and learning a little bit each day.

7. Take a power nap

Escape to your car – or perhaps an office with a couch – and get a few quick Zs! Power napping can reduce stress and increase energy and alertness. Just don’t forget to set your cell phone alarm so you wake up and go back to work!

8. Call someone

Remember when we used to use our cell phones for talking and not just texting? I bet your mom would love to hear from you!

9. Meditate

Meditation is another way to reduce stress and feel calmer as you enter the afternoon. If you’re a beginner, there are lots of videos on the internet to help you learn.

10. Organize

Is your desk or workspace a mess? A clean and organized space will make you feel more confident and productive about your work.

Photo: ThisLondon