Man Gets Job By Buying Google Ads Of Future Employers’ Names

Man Gets Job By Buying Google Ads Of Future Employers’ Names

Admit it – you’ve Googled yourself. Alex Brownstein, 28, figured that his prospective employers probably did too. According to CNN/Mashable, the senior copywriter at creative advertising shop Young & Rubicam (Y&R) New York. Last summer, Alex worked as a copywriter at a large international ad agency – but he was tired of it. He wanted to work at “a really creative shop for really creative [creative directors].”

So he Googled the names of his favorite creative directors, and realized that no sponsored links popped up. Since Alex Googles himself “embarassingly frequently,” he guessed that they did too. “Everybody Googles themselves,” he explained. “Even if they don’t admit it. I wanted to invade that secret, egotistical moment when [the creative directors I admired] were most vulnerable.” So he purchased their names on Google AdWords – which cost him about $6.

Whenever someone ran a search for one of the creative directors’ names, the following message appeared at the top of the page: “Hey, [creative director’s name]: Goooogling [sic] yourself is a lot of fun. Hiring me is fun, too” with a link to his website,

Over the next couple of months, Brownstein received calls from all but one of the creative directors whose names he had purchased. And finally, at the end of the year, he received a job offer from two: Scott Virtrone and Ian Reichenthal of Y&R New York.

“Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there in an interesting way,” Alec says. “The people who you want to work for can’t hire you any less than they already are. So shoot for the moon.”