Tips For Fall Registration

Tips For Fall Registration

If you are thinking of going back to school this fall or if you are a returning student, there are a few things to keep in mind for registration this fall. With the economy in the gutter and unemployment at a record high, a lot of people are returning to school for higher education and new career paths. This means that you must be diligent this fall in order to guarantee that you get the classes you need.

Many schools are seeing an increase in the amount of students registering yet are cutting the amount of classes they are offering due to lack of funding.This means that it is getting even harder to get into many of the required General Education classes like Math and English and can seriously impede your college plans. So make sure you register early! I found this out the hard way last semester when I was practically on my knees begging for an open spot in an algebra class.

Once Again, Make Sure You Register Early:

If you have been given a registration date, make sure you are able to register online, in person or over the phone on that date or as close to it as possible. Especially if the majority of your classes are required or general ed as these classes fill up the fastest and sometimes don’t have waiting lists.

Fall Registration = Lots of Recent High School Graduates:

It is always tough to register in the fall versus any other semester because of all of the new students who have just graduated from High School and at some schools, they are given a higher priority than long time returning students. At least that seems to be the case at my community college. This can also have an effect on the types of students you will be attending classes with. Also as a working adult, I like to take more night classes simply because there tend to be other working adults in the night classes and they tend to be more serious about things like group projects and group presentations.

If You Are Trying To Add, Persistence Helps:

If you have tried registering for a class and it is closed the best thing that you can do is to attend the class until the professor tells you that there is absolutely no hope of getting an add slip. Also, make sure you get to school early on the first day as parking is always a nightmare no matter how big or small your school is. Arriving to a class early can help the professor know that you are serious about taking the class and if you keep going most of the time you will get an add slip at the last minute as attendance drops in those first few weeks.

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