Recession Proof Choice: Live The Life You Imagine

Recession Proof Choice: Live The Life You Imagine

When I took a job in 2009 making $30,000 less than I was paid in 2008 for the same line of work, I started asking myself a series of questions about my career path.

As frustration over making less money set in, along with being burnt out on the job itself, I started to ask myself what I really wanted to do for a living.

The answer came to me immediately.  “I want to get paid to write.”  As I went to work each day, dreading the ten-hour, stressful days that were ahead of me, I started to lay out a plan to reach my creative goal.

The reality is that the recession has forced a lot of people to reinvent ways they make ends meet. I argue that the recession has provided the perfect opportunity for people to turn to their passions and creativity.

Had I not had to take a job making much less money than my Master’s Degree and talent is deserving of, I certainly wouldn’t have thought so quickly of changing career paths.  I figured that if I’m going to make less money, I mind as well be happy doing it.

And as the recession has moved across its ranks of both my college-educated and non-college educated peers, I see more people assessing their options and going in the direction of their dreams.  Gen-X is taking risks in terms of their careers, with more and more of us deciding that being happy with the work we do is much more important than the money we make.

In addition to this, it is our nature to want to try many different careers, fueled by a fear of ending up like the laid-off factory worker we knew growing up who spent 35 years devoted to the same company to find out they could just let him go. Fear of stagnancy breeds the need for change in our generation.

Although the recession has been difficult to say the least, there are benefits to these hard times – they breed creativity.

Photo Via: Marie Claire