Scholarships For Nursing

Scholarships For Nursing

There will always be a need for trained nurses. Even in a descending economic climate, nurses are in great demand. If you are thinking about a possible future in nursing, but cannot afford the tuition, be aware that many nursing schools offer nursing scholarships to prospective nurses, and there are plenty of other funding sources too.

Among the best scholarships:

The WOCN Society Advanced Education Scholarship Program. This scholarship for nurses is awarded two times a year to nursing professionals who want an advanced education.

The Caroline E. Holt Nursing Scholarship. This scholarship for nursing is awarded to students who are in financial need and are accepted and enrolled into an accredited school of nursing.

The Nurse Leaders of America Scholarship. This scholarship is a work-study program that combines either a BSN completion or MSN scholarship to a U.S. nursing school with a work assignment at a U.S. hospital.

The National Student Nurses Association. This foundation provides scholarships to eligible nursing students in various areas of the United States.

National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution. DAR offers scholarships to students currently enrolled in an accredited undergraduate school of nursing. Criteria include academic excellence, financial need, and commitment to a field of study. Candidates (male and female) must be sponsored by a local DAR.

Nurses Educational Funds, Inc. The NEF scholarships are available to Baccalaureate-prepared registered nurses who reside in any state in the US who are pursuing either the master’s or doctoral degree.

Oncology Nursing Foundation. The Oncology Nursing Foundation offers scholarships to registered nurses with an interest in and commitment to oncology nursing.

Tylenol Scholarship Program. The makers of the TYLENOL Family of Products awards scholarships for higher education to students who demonstrate leadership in community and school activities. You may apply to this scholarship fund if you will be attending an undergraduate course of study at an accredited two or four-year college, university or vocational-technical school.

Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses. This nursing scholarship program provides education fellowships to nurses. Applicants must be members who have been a full or associate member for at least one full year prior to the year of application, and who are pursuing a baccalaureate or masters in nursing.

Business and Professional Women’s Foundation. The organization offers funds to women who are seeking education necessary for advancement within a career, and who can demonstrate critical need for financial assistance.

There are many other scholarships for nurses. There are also several free databases on the web to search for nursing scholarships, including:

• FastWeb

• NursingScholarship.US

• Cashe

• Mach 25
SRN Express

There are many programs that provide financial assistance for aspiring nurses and nurses who want to raise their level of education and expertise. Explore the links below to discover more about scholarships for nursing and to find a program that meets your needs.