Free Money For You – It Does Exist

Free Money For You – It Does Exist

Free money does exist.  Every year, there are millions of dollars set aside for scholarships. The misconceptions associated with  money that has been marked for continuing education are so great, that every year, scholarships go unclaimed because people simply don’t apply for them. Regardless of your social, economic or educational standing, if you have the desire to continue your education, there is a scholarship that is applicable to your career and academic path.

Applying for Scholarships

The scholarship application process is the main reason why people don’t apply for the money available for schooling purposes. Understandably. Many scholarship application processes require the completion of detailed questionnaires, essays, education and career plans and reasons as to why you feel you deserve the scholarship. The thought of offering all of this information can be quite intimidating, but when considering the potential reward, it is well worth getting beyond fears or  intimidation.

When you want to apply for scholarships, enlist the help of your peers. Whether you’re 18 years old and transitioning from high school to college, 25 years old and ready to continue your education or 45 years old and fulfilling a dream of going to college, chances are you have a friend or family member who has “been there, and done that.” These are the people who can help you make the scholarship application process efficient and effective.

Scholarships Available

You might be shocked to learn of the scholarships available from government and private institutions. As a high school senior I was informed that I had been awarded a scholarship from my church, that I never knew existed. I never thought to ask. In college I was awarded two scholarships based on performance. I never thought to ask. Seeing a pattern here?

Special scholarships are available for single mothers, low-income students, former military personnel, future military personnel, individuals who have achieved academic excellence, minorities, students looking to complete an unfinished education: The list goes on. Beyond scholarships set aside for certain groups, there are thousands available that can be applied for by anyone. All too often scholarships are seen as magic money that  people with phenomenal SAT and ACT scores or elite athletes receive. That is simply not the case.

Scholarship Resources

If you’re a parent looking for assistance to send your child to college, do not hesitate to tap the scholarship resources offered by a high school guidance counselor. Schedule a meeting with a counselor and your child, and the counselor will be able to get you both on the same page, and working progressively to find available scholarships. They will also instruct you on how to most effectively work through the application process. They may also be able to suggest scholarship paths that you haven’t even thought of.

One thing is for certain–scholarship money is available. Set your mind to securing a portion of it, and you could enjoy a greatly discounted, career education.