Photography Classes

Photography Classes

For those of us that have always loved taking pictures and are curious about what the next step is in the career of photography, well going back to school for a refresher course or for a full degree may be the answer. Photography classes can come in may forms through photography colleges, online schools and workshops and seminars.

Top Photography Schools

There are a few schools that rank at the top of the field of photography: The Art Institute has photography classes like composition, lighting, darkroom techniques, design, color, digital and film photography. All of these courses are done in either a studio or on location. Many of the students that graduate from this school are photo journalist, lab technicians, digital and commercial photographers. This school is located in Dallas and Fort Worth Texas.

The next school is the New York Institute of Photography, this school has been in existence since 1910 and it is one of the world largest and oldest photography schools in the world. It incorporates photography classes like; art, business, photo techniques, Adobe Photo shop, digital photography and professional photography. The next school is the Academy of Art Institute it is one of the top schools in the nation. It is located in San Francisco and it offers online as well as facility studies. It concentrates o digital, document, fashion and advertising photography as well as photo journalism, fine art, lights and camera, professional and traditional photography. They have also been awarded the online award of completion in photo digital imaging.

Workshops and Online Schools

Nikon School of photography is a great school that has been around for over 30 years and they offer seminars and workshops photography classes to beginner and advanced photographers. They offer introductions to digital and SLR, color, lighting and technical photography. They have seminars all around the United States in every major city. Each of the above mentioned schools have online courses as well as the regular courses. These courses can be taken from any where around the world if you have the internet you can take the courses. Many of the online courses offer art, wildlife, travel, vacation and the art of printing courses which are phenomenal.

How to Choose the Right School

The first thing to think about when choosing photography classes is to determine what type of photography you want to focus on, the location of the school, the cost of the school, whether you want to physically go to a school or take online courses. Once all of this is decided read reviews about the schools that made it to the final choices and request information from each school. Next visit each school and see for yourself if it is something that interest you.


Learning photography is a great way to appreciate nature, history and everyday life and photography classes are a great way to enhance your craft. Here is a little more detail on the above schools:

Art Institute- 8080 Park lane, Dallas Texas;

New York Institute of Photography- 211 E 43rdStreet, NY 10017;

Academy of Art Institute- Sanfrancisco, CA;

Nikon School of Photography-