Understanding Child Development


As parents and educators we review tons of literature mapping out the growth and development of our children. We see the milestones they are meant to achieve carefully plotted out from birth on up, and when our children don’t achieve those miles as quickly as we expect them to, we begin to worry. That worry may interfere with not just our expectations for our children, but how we approach the way we … Continue reading

‘You Can’t Prove a Negative’


I hit quite a snag the other day in the Critical Thinking class that I am privileged to teach at a community college. By the way, I dislike that word “teach”; I prefer to think of what I do as a modest attempt to nudge students into learning by themselves. Anyway, back to the snag: A student took umbrage at a comment made by author Michael Specter in his book … Continue reading

Business Education Online


No one can dispute that education plays a serious role in today’s world. Those without high levels of education often fail to find jobs that pay enough for them to make ends meet, let alone enjoy the luxury items that so many people crave. Unfort order cialis unately, the increased demand for workers with high levels of education comes in an era when few people have the time and money … Continue reading